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best in show-winning silken windhound

Oops He Did It Again!

It's a deuce for Deuce! For the second year in a row, Deuce was the top Silken Windhound in the UKC! And he did it with a bit more style this time around, with multiple all-breed Best in Shows that left us floating in the clouds every time (although these wins do not count towards [...]
Best in Show Silken Windhound

2014 UKC Gateway Nationals – Deuce Rules!

Once again the drive was made to Gray Summit, MO to partake of the Gateway Nationals at Purina Farms. We have managed some successful trips to this venue in the past, but this year gave us astronomical results!! This time around I brought Deuce since he remains the top Silken Windhound in the UKC. Also in [...]
silken windhound Deuce - top UKC silken windhound

First Quarter 2014 – UKC Silken Windhound Rankings

The UKC Rankings for Events through March 30, 2014 have Deuce ranked as the Top Silken Windhound as of the end of the first quarter of 2014. He had gone with Victor to shows in Hutto, taking Best of Breed all 4 shows that weekend, and then he won a couple more at the Denton […]

Pasha is 2013’s Top Silken Windhound

Happy dance happy dance! It’s official – Pasha (ISWS CH UKC Grand CH Gryffyn’s Aeyrie Stop and Stare) is 2013’s #1 Silken Windhound in the UKC (United Kennel Club)!! I believe he is also within the Top Ten All-Breeds!! So proud of our beautiful, deserving boy! One of Pasha’s BOB wins at the 2013 Gateway […]

Best in Show Silken Windhound Siren, Dec. 2012

UKC Shows (Hutto) and Siren’s Big Debut

Well this had to be the most exciting UKC weekend ever for us! First, let me introduce one of the players. Some of you who attended the 2009 SilkenFest in MO may remember a little extreme white with tan sable spotted bitch that Victor was showing who absolutely refused to come off the cement area […]

Pasha is Grand

Today I opted to spend the morning taking Pasha, Shadow and Jules to the morning UKC show in Denton instead of to the LGRA racing “around the corner” in McKinney – Victor took care of that duty. Pasha had been taking time off for an extended period following a ligament injury sustained in June. At […]

Success at the UKC Shows, Hutto, TX

This weekend of UKC shows brought us some nice success! On Saturday morning, Shadow (Gryffyn’s Aeyrie ShadowoftheDay) and Jules (Ricmar Gryffyn’s Bling Bling) finished the requirements for their UKC championships. Deuce was Reserve Champion and Kandi won the Grand Champion class and went on to take Best of Breed, and then was awarded a Sighthound […]